Bitnami Stacksmith

Integrate application packaging and maintenance with your existing CI / CD process

Register now to learn how Stacksmith helps you modernize your DevOps pipeline by automating the packaging of your applications for today’s cloud and container platforms, and continuously maintaining them to ensure they stay up-to-date and secure. Learn how Stacksmith works, they key use cases it addresses, and how easy it is to integrate it with your existing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment tools and processes. 

Register now to learn:

  • How to rapidly package applications for cloud and containers using their native image and deployment template formats
  • How to version, monitor, and update your applications to keep them secure
  • How an application-centric approach to infrastructure helps Developers, Security, and Operations 
  • work together more effectively
  • How you can use existing DevSecOps tooling to trigger automated application packaging, which pulls assets from trusted sources and create deployment-ready outputs that can be picked up downstream

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