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Full Length e-book: Package, deploy & maintain your applications for today's cloud & container environments

Package and Maintain Applications for Multiple Platforms 

In 2018, we saw the rise of application-centric DevOps. Is your application landscape primed for this shift?  

Stacksmith is here to help. Cloud platform knowledge is built into the tooling, templates, and automation that Stacksmith uses to package and optimize your applications. Stacksmith delivers everything you will need to successfully deploy to whichever platform you choose.

2019 Stacksmith e-book 

At Bitnami, we are committed to making it easy for companies to gain all the benefits of  Stacksmith.

This e-book is derived from blog posts that show Stacksmith in action: how-to guides, use cases, and examples of the integration of Stacksmith with other platforms and solutions. Some of the most popular posts have been compiled in this e-book. The articles included explain how to leverage Stacksmith to create cloud-ready images without the need to worry about framework dependencies or cloud provider requirements; thus, allowing developers to focus only on building great software.  

e-book Topics Include:

  • Application packaging automation  
  • Application maintenance  
  • Security  
  • Stacksmith Use cases  
  • Stacksmith Integrations




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