Using a Service Catalog to Enforce Organizational Policy

Use Case White Paper

Ensuring the creation and delivery of trusted, up-to-date assets to your service catalog


Companies with large IT infrastructures need a way to manage what is running in their environment end to end, a solution for creating, maintaining, and distributing trusted applications across the organization in accordance with corporate best practices and security policies. 

To achieve the best results and ensure that you have a secure end-to-end solution, it is important to examine both of the process components that are needed to create such a solution. They are: 

  • A policy-driven packaging process to ensure that the artifacts and applications you are creating are trusted, secure, and compliant - and kept up-to-date.
  • A policy-driven deployment process to ensure that the artifacts and applications that get deployed conform to your operational standards and policies. Service catalogs are one of the most common tools that organizations use to implement a deployment process. Service catalogs provide the single, central location for IT to post and distribute trusted and approved artifacts and applications, and users across the organization to access them.

In this use case white paper, you will learn more about each of these components, and see how setting them up to work together delivers an automated, policy-driven, end-to-end solution that satisfies developers, security teams, operations teams, and users.


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