Create an Application-Centric DevOps Experience with Stacksmith and Azure OSS Database Services

On Demand Webinar

On Demand Webinar: Stacksmith and Azure OSS Database Services


Learn how you can create a trusted handoff between development teams and operations teams with Stacksmith. Developers can focus on what they do best, developing and maintaining their software, while Operations focuses on what they do best, enforcing security and improving application deployment and management through orchestration and automation. Stacksmith will take the requirements of both of your teams and package your applications to ensures that you have a versionable, maintainable asset to use with the rest of your Azure services. 

Matt Small, Head of Solution Architecture at Bitnami, and Andrea Lam, Product Manager of Azure Database for MySQL/MariaDB at Microsoft will show you how to: 

  • Package an application with your desired Database configurations and requirements 
  • Use fully-managed database services to automate patching, backups, monitoring, and more
  • Deploy your application to AKS 

This pre-recorded webinar is an overview of Stacksmith, the Azure Database for MySQL and MariaDB services, and an explanation of how they work together to deliver an automated, closed-loop solution for ensuring the availability of always fresh assets to AKS. The combined solution will be shown in a live demonstration with a live Q&A.


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