On Demand Webinar: Manage and Maintain AWS Assets in a Cloud Service Catalog

On Demand Webinar

Use Bitnami Stacksmith and AWS Service Catalog to package, distribute, and maintain your applications.


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On Demand Webinar Summary: 

Managing requests and maintaining up-to-date IT assets and services are the two most important roles of a service-driven IT organization. Without the proper tools and processes - approvals workflows, a service catalog, and the ability to manage ownership and account for resource consumption - IT organizations will struggle to respond quickly, maintain their portfolio of IT services, and manage cloud budgets. But what exactly are the right tools and processes that will deliver an updated service-driven IT model? 

Access the On Demand Webinar and join Sanjay Garje, Sr. Technical Business Development Manager at AWS, and Matt Small, Head of Solutions Architecture, Enterprise & Cloud Platforms at Bitnami, and learn how to:

• Create Cloud Formation Templates and Amazon Machine Images with Stacksmith, and publish them directly to the AWS Service Catalog, where they can be easily shared and deployed according to your organization's policies.

• How to automate update and security patch monitoring, re-packaging, and republishing of your applications to the catalog, ensuring users always have the latest secure and IT policy-compliant versions.

This presentation will consist of an overview of Stacksmith, the AWS Service Catalog, and an explanation of how they work together to deliver an automated, closed-loop solution for ensuring the availability of always fresh assets in your service catalog. The combined solution will be shown in a live demonstration, and there will be time for live Q&A.


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