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Bitnami helps enterprises improve their software delivery pipeline by offering: 

Kubernetes Solutions

Bitnami Kubeapps: By removing the complexity - like the methodologies and idiosyncrasies of distribution services and configuration tools - a consumer of applications on a cluster would typically face, Kubeapps provides a convenient way for operations teams to group and share application libraries by team, department or group. And, it provides end users an easy to use UI that lets them self-discover, self-deploy, and self-manage a curated list of applications running in Kubernetes clusters. 

Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime (BKPR): simplifies the process of readying your Kubernetes clusters to run applications. It gives you all of the tooling you will need to configure and operate applications in Kubernetes, dramatically decreasing the time it takes to go from a bare cluster to one that is application ready. BKPR is a simple to install, pre-configured collection of the best of breed open source software for logging, monitoring, and controlling ingress to your applications.

Secure Open Source Applications

Bitnami Enterprise Catalog: Designed specifically for enterprise customers, the Bitnami Enterprise Catalog is a set of well architected and maintained versions of open source applications and components that are designed with the needs of the Enterprise in mind. They are continuously delivered, maintained, and updated so you can rely on them; and certified secure so you can trust them. The Bitnami Enterprise Catalog is designed with customization in mind and ready to be deployed across multiple platforms.

Application Packaging and Continuous Maintenance

Bitnami Stacksmith: Stacksmith incorporates Bitnami’s extensive knowledge and experience in application packaging and continuous maintenance into a tool for enterprises to use with applications developed in-house by a contract developer, or to customize and harden open source software provided by Bitnami. Stacksmith takes your code and dependencies, programmatically enforces your organization’s security and operational requirements, and generates everything you need to deploy your application – the newly packaged artifact or application image, as well as the deployment template that includes the logic needed to deploy and connect your application in the target environment.

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