Using Golden Images to Tame Complexity in a Multi-cloud World

On Demand Webinar

On Demand Webinar: Using Golden Images to Tame Complexity in a Multi-cloud World


Watch now and hear Bitnami's VP of Product Simon Bennett discuss how to overcome the challenges of our multi-cloud world, and how golden images can help deliver consistency and improved security across your cloud and containerized applications.

Watch this pre-recorded webinar and learn why:

• Golden images are a powerful tool to target multiple clouds
• Layered golden images hit the sweet-spot between control and autonomy
• An image-based approach can be applied to on-premise, cloud, container, or function-based development models
• Golden images can be used to capture best practices from within and outside your organization
• Golden Images provide a consistent experience to internal customers across compute platforms
• Using self-service as a tool can help you understand the most critical parts of your software supply chain




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