Bridging Dev and Ops: Golden Image Management with Bitnami Stacksmith

White Paper

How to deliver consistency and improved security across your application landscape


For any enterprise that develops, maintains and deploys a large catalog of applications, the ability to create consistent server environments on different cloud and container platforms is key. 

Typically, this is achieved through the use of "golden images," - base templates that are approved by security and operations teams and used by developers.

This white paper explores what this use case is, and how you can use Stacksmith to simplify and automate the creation and maintenance of golden images.

Download the Golden Image white paper and learn:

  • Why golden images are important in the DevOps landscape
  • How use of golden images benefit an enterprise organization
  • Challenges of maintaining and updating golden images
  • How Bitnami Stacksmith helps bridge Dev and Ops in streamlining golden image creation and maintenance
  • How Bitnami Stacksmith works
  • The benefits to Developers, Security, and Operations teams


Download the Golden Image white paper now!