The Need for a Secure DevOps Pipeline

Transforming DevOps into DevSecOps - White Paper

Enterprise adoption of cloud and the need for large organizations to more rapidly develop, maintain and update their applications has put security teams in the position of either slowing down release timetables or seeing their processes and controls circumvented.

As the volume of inputs needed to build applications, services, images, infrastructure as code and operations as code continues to expand, security teams will need a better way to gain visibility and control of these inputs.

DevSecOps is an approach aimed at directly bringing security philosophies and practices into the software development and release process through collaboration and automation. It allows security teams to be both reactive (taking action on security issues after they are discovered), and preventative (identifying, correcting and collaborating on security issues throughout the application lifecycle).

This white paper explores the need to adapt your security practice, culture, approach, and tools to meet a changing landscape - and how to do so.

Download this white paper to learn: 

  • Why there is such a critical need to secure your DevOps pipeline
  • The key challenges to be aware of when implementing secure DevOps
  • Four steps to take to establish a DevSecOps pipeline


Find out how to meet DevSecOps’ unique needs in this white paper.