Cloud Transformation – Gaining Benefits as you Transition

White Paper

Getting the most out of your transition


Deploying applications in the cloud offers many benefits over a corporate data center. But for many companies, with existing applications, tools and processes, the path will involve adapting to what is a fundamentally different approach to building and maintaining applications.
Adapting can be intimidating and challenging, especially when you are staring into the unknown. It can also be frustrating if it doesn’t deliver the benefits you expected. If you are considering moving your applications to the cloud, it is helpful to first have an understanding of what can be achieved and where.
This white paper covers common approaches to getting to the cloud, and highlights three scenarios in which cloud transformation can deliver truly transformative results.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • The difference between cloud migration and cloud transformation
  • What benefits should cloud transformation deliver?
  • The key areas where you can achieve cloud transformation benefits
  • How the right tools can help you optimize your applications for the cloud and containers
  • How the right tools can help you transition your practices to align with cloud models


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