Accelerate Application Delivery with Golden Images White Paper

2019 White Paper

2019 White Paper: Accelerate Application Delivery with Golden Images

Golden images are base templates published by enterprise IT teams for use in application development and packaging. They provide a powerful path to agility and consistency in the application life cycle. Because golden images include all needed tools, development teams utilize them as a trusted and secure baseline from which to build. They also enable security and operations teams to create final deployment packages that incorporate the organization’s security policies and configuration automation.

In a multi-cloud world, golden images assume even greater importance. They allow enterprise teams to ensure consistency and stability across different platforms even when the underlying tools and technologies differ. And they provide a way for development, security, and operations to collaborate, codify and embed best practices in a manner that is easily adaptable across multiple platforms. They also provide a pathway to the adoption of containers for enterprise workloads.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • Why you should adopt golden images as the foundation of your application delivery workflow
  • The five attributes that help ensure adoption of golden images
  • The different types of golden images
  • A strategy for implementing a golden image catalog
  • Best practices to ensure your golden image catalog retains its business value as a stable, trusted asset for stakeholders


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