Build and Run Data Pipelines with Bitnami Apache Airflow in Azure

On Demand Webinar

On Demand Webinar: Build and Run Data Pipelines with Bitnami Apache Airflow in Azure


Apache Airflow is a popular open source workflow management tool used in orchestrating ETL pipelines, machine learning workflows and in many other creative use cases. It provides a scalable, distributed architecture that makes it simple to author, track and monitor workflows.

Hear Azure Database expert, Parikshit Savjani, as he shows you how to easily spin up a production-ready version of Airflow with Azure Database support in Azure in a few quick steps.

Bitnami’s Head of Solutions Architecture, Enterprise & Cloud Platforms, Matt Small, will follow-up with how Bitnami packaged this new Apache Airflow Multi-Tier application and what we’ve included to ensure that it meets your production needs. Lastly, IntrospectData's Founder & CEO, Patrick McClory, will explain Apache Airflow use cases and demo how to use Airflow.

This pre-recorded webinar will also include the recorded Q&A session. 

Watch this On Demand webinar to learn: 

  • Why Apache Airflow works best for your workflow needs
  • What Apache Airflow’s architecture consists of and how it works with Azure Database Services 
  • How to get started with Apache Airflow Multi-Tier in Azure in a few steps

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