2019 Kubernetes E-Book

2019 E-book

Deploy and Manage Trusted Applications on Your Kubernetes Clusters from a Single User Interface 


Kubernetes is the definitive container management platform that allows you to have hundreds, if not thousands, of applications running in a centralized infrastructure. But, for cluster administrators and operators, it is difficult to always keep their deployments up-to-date and secure. Are you looking for a tool that enables you to easily deploy applications on your cluster and manage their entire lifecycle? 

Kubeapps is here to help. It provides a built-in catalog of Helm charts that you can browse and deploy. It also allows you to add your own chart repositories so your users can choose only from applications that your IT department has selected and packaged. Kubeapps enables the update of an existing deployment directly from its UI; thus, once an updated version of an application with security fixes or bug fixes is available, users can update their existing deployments. 

Kubeapps springs into action to offer you an easy and consistent way to manage the deployment of your applications in your Kubernetes clusters.

Kubeapps E-book 

At Bitnami, we are committed to making it easy for companies and users to deploy great software everywhere. For that reason, Bitnami provides supporting Open Source tools for Kubernetes users such as Kubeapps. 

This e-book walks you through the process of installing Kubeapps, adding your own repository, deploying an application on Kubernetes, and managing your deployments to keep them up-to-date. It also shows how to enhance the security of your deployments using Kubeapps, and the possibility of using external services from the major cloud providers by enabling the Kubernetes Service Catalog Integration feature. 

E-book Topics Include:

  • Installing Kubeapps
  • Deploy and Manage Applications with the Kubeapps UI
  • How Kubeapps Enforces the Security of Your Kubernetes Deployments
  • Kubernetes Service Catalog Kubeapps Integration